Thank you to MadZen for that great article about Picturesque!

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Austrian rockers, Counter The Eulogy, present their latest single up to date. A melodic rock tune with hard contrasts and a story to tell. Nostalgic and pure, “Picturesque” sets the perfect mood for a long highway drive or a great night at a Live performance.

Welcome back everybody, MadZen here! I’m really stoked about today’s single as it brings me feelings of joy, hope and remembrance. This four piece from Austria have been together since 2014 and today I have the pleasure to write about their music.

First of all, Counter The Eulogy was created after Markus and Steve decided to revive an old band project, which, it is said, took them a while! But eventually the line up was completed with the addition of Stefan and Matthias, who turned out to be perfect fits for the band.

They create music inspired by acts such as Jimmy Eat…

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