Picturesque [Lyric Video]

Hi and welcome back!

I hope you are doing great. As you might have noticed, our newest single ‘Picturesque’ is now out for a week. That’s why I plan to write a seperate post later today, as a lot happened in that first week. There’ve been some very kind mentions of ‘Picturesque’ across blogs and social media and I wanted to share those with you.

However, first things first. We just released the lyric video for ‘Picturesque’ on our YouTube channel to celebreate one week of the single. The video contains a lot of behind the scenes footage of all the songwriting and recording sessions that eventually led to the upcoming EP ‘With Eyes Wide Open’. You can get a sneak-peek into how and where we create our music and how much fun that is for us.

Make sure to check out the lyric video above and please do leave us a comment on YouTube. We are really eager to hear your opinion and comments. Interaction with you, our dearest fans, is what keeps us going.

See (or better ‘read’) you later today and have a nice Friday,

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