One week of ‘Picturesque’

Hi and welcome to this second post of the day! The last week - Picturesque's first week (officially) alive - was a great one for us. Feedback on the single was overwhelmingly positive so far. To be honest, when deciding on the songs to record for the upcoming EP With Eyes Wide Open, we almost [...]


Thank you to MadZen for that great article about Picturesque!

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Austrian rockers, Counter The Eulogy, present their latest single up to date. A melodic rock tune with hard contrasts and a story to tell. Nostalgic and pure, “Picturesque” sets the perfect mood for a long highway drive or a great night at a Live performance.

Welcome back everybody, MadZen here! I’m really stoked about today’s single as it brings me feelings of joy, hope and remembrance. This four piece from Austria have been together since 2014 and today I have the pleasure to write about their music.

First of all, Counter The Eulogy was created after Markus and Steve decided to revive an old band project, which, it is said, took them a while! But eventually the line up was completed with the addition of Stefan and Matthias, who turned out to be perfect fits for the band.

They create music inspired by acts such as Jimmy Eat…

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New song ‘Picturesque’

Hi friends! We just released our new single 'Picturesque' last Friday Oct. 1. Musically, this is a song that builds gradually and slowly until it explodes during the last section. Lyrically, it is one of these rare Counter the Eulogy songs that is overflowing with positivity. You don't have to take my word for it [...]

Brand new single ‘Running Away’

After some major delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy that our brand new single 'Running Away' will finally be released on Friday Sept. 18. It's the second single off our new EP 'With Eyes Wide Open'. This time quite an upbeat song musically, but not necessarily lyrically. You can pre-save it on [...]

Release Tour 2020

Hi all! We've been diligently working on our new EP titled "With Eyes Wide Open" for the last couple of months. At the moment we are discussing the last details of the mixes. If everything goes well, the first single will be released on March 20. Here's the main piece of the magnificent artwork created [...]

3rd Anniversary of Transitions

Today is the third anniversary of our debut album Transitions. We can't believe it's already this long that this baby has been released. What we can say, though, is that our approach to writing songs has developed a lot. We grew together as a songwriting team and honed our style. While Transitions was more like [...]

New Video Incoming

Hi all! We're releasing the second lyric video for our debut album Transitions on the 4th of September. It's for the song Child of War, which deals with the age old topic of indoctrination. Third anniversary of Transitions is nearing and we want to take this opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on these somewhat [...]

Nitemare Visions [Lyric Video]

Hi folks! It's been a bit quiet around here lately. That's not because we stopped working, but rather because we are working so hard. We are in the midst of recording new material. Drums and bass are finished, guitars are half-way through and vocals and everything else is done until the end of September. We [...]

CTE On Air

Hi all! We wanted to notify you that CTE is being played by LonelyOakradio in their New Music show today at August 22, 2019 once at 8:13 a.m. and a second time at 8:13 p.m. (pacific time). The song is Nitemare Visions (of course 😉 ) and has been rated as 4 of 5 stars, [...]