New Video Incoming

Hi all! We're releasing the second lyric video for our debut album Transitions on the 4th of September. It's for the song Child of War, which deals with the age old topic of indoctrination. Third anniversary of Transitions is nearing and we want to take this opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on these somewhat [...]

Nitemare Visions [Lyric Video]

Hi folks! It's been a bit quiet around here lately. That's not because we stopped working, but rather because we are working so hard. We are in the midst of recording new material. Drums and bass are finished, guitars are half-way through and vocals and everything else is done until the end of September. We [...]


Hi everyone! As you probably already realised, we are heavily working on new songs for the next album at the moment. Some songs are already finished, others need some more work or haven't even been written yet. In any case, we are shooting small videos during rehearsals on a regular basis and will share previews [...]


Hi everyone! We recently started to work on some new songs, so we thought you might be interested in how that sounds. All right then... here is a short insight into Song #1 - a working title obviously. Proper titels will be revealed in time. 🙂 SONG #1 Enjoy and keep on rocking, Markus


Hi everyone! Here is a short foretaste of our upcoming album Transitions. TRANSITIONS TEASER Work is in progress and we are nearing completion. Keep your eyes open as the album will be released in fall 2016. Rock on, Markus