Hi everyone! As you probably already realised, we are heavily working on new songs for the next album at the moment. Some songs are already finished, others need some more work or haven't even been written yet. In any case, we are shooting small videos during rehearsals on a regular basis and will share previews [...]


Hi there! Our debut album Transitions is now available at Bandcamp: >>click here<< As you probably know, you can listen to the whole album there for free three times. The price of €7,- is also very low, so we would be grateful if you consider to support us. Thanks and rock on, Markus


Hi everyone! Last week we met Nici and Christian of local TV station HiWay-TV in the studio to talk about Transitions. We told them how the album came about and what we plan to do in the near future. The german interview and a trailer are featured in HiWay-TV's Rock Block. There is also the [...]


Hi guys! We are happy to announce that our album Transitions is now finally available in DigiPac format. We are very happy with our new baby and are confident that you will like it too. Pre-orders already shipped to their soon-to-be owners. You can order your personal copy anytime via the contact form. Love and [...]


Hi ladies and gents! Our debut Album Transitions is now available at all major stores for download and streaming. So help yourself by heading over to your favourite store and take a listen. The DigiPac version is available for pre-order directly from the band. If you pre-order now you will receive the CD exclusively before [...]


Hi everyone! Here is a short foretaste of our upcoming album Transitions. TRANSITIONS TEASER Work is in progress and we are nearing completion. Keep your eyes open as the album will be released in fall 2016. Rock on, Markus


Hi all and welcome to the first post on this blog! I just wanted to let you know that we are in the midst of recording our debut album. You will be able to follow the process here as we document certain steps. By now, drums and bass have been tracked already. We are currently [...]