As the bass player of the band I'm responsible for special grooves. I'm a member of Counter the Eulogy for nearly one year. During that time my life has changed quite a bit. I started a new job, moved to my own place, made new acquaintances and many more. Before I joined Counter the Eulogy [...]


Hi everyone! As you probably already realised, we are heavily working on new songs for the next album at the moment. Some songs are already finished, others need some more work or haven't even been written yet. In any case, we are shooting small videos during rehearsals on a regular basis and will share previews [...]


Hi all! Last week we had the pleasure to play on the big stage of Explosiv in Graz/Austria as part of the SPH Bandcontest city finals. Honestly, that was a great experience. We had a lot of fun and made friends with several bands there. We also brought home a live video of the first [...]


Hi there! We had a blast playing our first gig in Vienna at Tunnel Vienna Live a few days ago. Not only did we enjoy the great support from the audience but also made good friends with the guys of Sunset Zero. You should definitely check out their facebook page. We didn't have a photographer [...]


Hi everyone! We recently started to work on some new songs, so we thought you might be interested in how that sounds. All right then... here is a short insight into Song #1 - a working title obviously. Proper titels will be revealed in time. 🙂 SONG #1 Enjoy and keep on rocking, Markus


Hi guys! We have some really cool stuff for you. Since Christmas is coming and this is the time of the year where everyone is into presents, we thought about a contest. Here's the deal: You will have the chance to win two copies of our album Transitions every Sunday during Advent. All you have [...]