Hi everyone! We recently started to work on some new songs, so we thought you might be interested in how that sounds. All right then... here is a short insight into Song #1 - a working title obviously. Proper titels will be revealed in time. 🙂 SONG #1 Enjoy and keep on rocking, Markus


Hi guys! We have some really cool stuff for you. Since Christmas is coming and this is the time of the year where everyone is into presents, we thought about a contest. Here's the deal: You will have the chance to win two copies of our album Transitions every Sunday during Advent. All you have [...]


Hi there! Our debut album Transitions is now available at Bandcamp: >>click here<< As you probably know, you can listen to the whole album there for free three times. The price of €7,- is also very low, so we would be grateful if you consider to support us. Thanks and rock on, Markus


Hi everyone! Last week we met Nici and Christian of local TV station HiWay-TV in the studio to talk about Transitions. We told them how the album came about and what we plan to do in the near future. The german interview and a trailer are featured in HiWay-TV's Rock Block. There is also the [...]