One week of ‘Picturesque’

Hi and welcome to this second post of the day!

The last week – Picturesque’s first week (officially) alive – was a great one for us. Feedback on the single was overwhelmingly positive so far. To be honest, when deciding on the songs to record for the upcoming EP With Eyes Wide Open, we almost ditched Picturesque. Glad we decided to keep it.

During this first week the song was added to 13 playlists already, maybe even more we don’t know of yet. It has also been covered in several reviews in different countries and languages. I linked them below for you to check out. Last but not least, coverage and reactions across social media were also great so far. Thank you so much for all that support! It means the world to us.

If you find other mentions we don’t know of yet, or just want to say ‘Hi!’ please leave a comment below.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you very soon,

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