3rd Anniversary of Transitions

Today is the third anniversary of our debut album Transitions. We can’t believe it’s already this long that this baby has been released. What we can say, though, is that our approach to writing songs has developed a lot. We grew together as a songwriting team and honed our style. While Transitions was more like a puzzle whose pieces had been generated over more than a decade and then joined together and made fit accordingly, the new songs are feeling a lot more seamless. On the other hand, we are caring more about the details. Put simply, we moved on! And that’s a good thing for sure.

The new songs will be available soon. While you’re waiting for that, we thought we’d honor the birthday of Transitions with a present to you. We are going to give away the digipack version of the album for only €3,- + shipping costs. So if you haven’t already, now is the time to grab your copy of Transitions. The deal will be valid from now on until the end of October. Just drop us a line to receive your copy. Alternatively, you could also buy the digital download at bandcamp for the same price of €3,-.

Thanks for your kind support and please stay tuned for more details on album #2.


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