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You probably realised that we are writing new songs at the moment and preparing to record a new album. That’s why we are regularly discussing options to release that album. The latest thing we discussed is streaming. Services like spotify, apple music, google play or deezer. You are probably aware of the fact that an album has to be streamed thousands and thousands of times just to cover the expenses to get it on those streaming services. Let alone the costs to produce the album in the studio.

Why are we telling you this? Because we are interested in your point of view. Tell us what you personally think of streaming. Would you say that streaming does an indie band like us more good than harm? If you where in a band, would you opt for making your albums completely available for streaming? Or maybe exclude a few songs out? Any other suggestions? Help us make a decision for our upcoming release.

Please share your thoughts here. We are eagerly looking forward to your opinions. Let’s get the discussion started!

Thanks for your great help and rock on,

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